Iyashi care

Iyashi care

Using soap or soap

Take a soap or soup is a facial cleansing soap made by mixing Volcanic Ash Shirasu (volcanic ash particulates). Each one is made by handmade craftsmen with full heart. Very creamy foaming, many customers who can not get away easily once used ranked first. The new soap became more detailed in volcanic ash Shirasu soap. Dirty and dirty pores will be cleanly and gently dropped with strong adsorption power. The former designated ingredients are not used and are not added, unpigmented goods. It is a facial cleansing soap that you can use with confidence every day.

Yuka ‘s “Drop of Tea” Soap Trial Set

Yoshika’ s Drop of Washing Face Soap is a famous item of Maki Maya ‘s commercial. It has a track record of selling 30 million pieces since its release, and it is ranked second in the ranking with repeaters following the overwhelming skin change after use. Even though it is very refreshingly washable, there is no thing to do, and you can feel a sense of mochi like the skin of a baby. Tea’s Drops The facial cleansing soap used is “Satsuma tea” that has been grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers at all. For those who are using for the first time, there is a special limited price trial set of free shipping fee, so please try by all means there.

Okinawa sea mud additive-free soap beauty shisa

It is a facial cleansing soap made from mud piled on the ocean floor over several million years, collected only in a small part of the central and southern part of Okinawa. Cosmetic ingredients born in Okinawa, such as hibiscus, shikuwasa, moonbag, goya, mozuku etc. are packed solidly.

Gamira Secret

It is a famous facial wash so popular models and actresses introduced. This product which was born in Israel is a product specialized in preparing the balance of the skin naturally to remove the dirt. As washing face soap, rumors spread in word of mouth, and now it is patronized in 17 countries around the world. It takes at least three months to complete, and we make it one by one by hand.

Soap milk free additive

It is a popular soy milk washing face soap of Morita shop of tofu. It has already sold 1.5 million pieces, and it is a popular item taken up by TV.

Chocolat de Barn facial cleansing soap

Chocolate de burn is a 100% natural facial cleansing soap that can also be cleansed and used for advancement. For those who suffer from acne or atopy or sensitive skin or dry skin, it is a product of great recommendation. Cute packages and shapes like chocolate are also popular among children and ranked fourth. “I disliked the bath, I love to wash my body in the bath,” the customer’s voice has arrived. In addition, we are stuck with ingredients, so we do not use synthetic surfactant, synthetic fragrance, antiseptic, or synthetic coloring at all. It is a facial cleansing soap that you can use safely from babies to elderly people.

BSPRIME · B’s prime

BPS Prime is a facial cleansing soap containing natural ingredients known as rocky baths such as black silica. The black silica contains a component that releases negative ions. You can wash your face elegantly while taking in minus ions and relaxing. It is a profitable item because it comes with a case for special solid washing face soap and lather net with initial purchase privilege.

Make-up dropping facial cleansing soap · purple mice

It is a make-up removal facial cleansing soap containing more than 30% moisturizing ingredients. Rice bran ingredients are cleanly cleaned down dirty and dirty skin that is anxious around the nostrils. Triple balance prescription by 3 cleaning ingredients will also prevent damage to your skin due to excessive washing. It also wraps moistly and moistly, so there is no face to be tapped.

Rasana seaweed sea mud Facial soap It

is a facial cleansing soap which rasana mixed with ultrafine particles of sea mud which richly contains minerals wash with rich mochi foam. We use seaweed extract from France and Brittany near the UNESCO protected sea area. It is a comfortable scent blended with four kinds of organic extract ingredients of rosemary, geranium, sage, lemon grass, natural aroma gentle to your skin. It is ranked 3rd in the facial cleansing soap that can make healthy skin with peace of mind. It is a very popular item that can sell one piece in 10 minutes, it is also a reputable item for beauty bloggers in many word-of-mouth websites.