Online payday loan application

Payday loans online -Complete our simple online payday loan application

Complete our simple online payday loan application

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Banks and financial institutions offer a huge variety of lines and lending modalities for working capital and for investments in general. Loans are granted for short-term solutions – exclusive to your cashier’s urgencies, working capital, receipt of cards and overdraft. Medium-term – ideal products for the financial management of your company. Long-term – long-term financing for your company to evolve, leasing, and real estate credit.

Working capital

This line of credit is specific to meet the cash needs of the company, is one of the loan option for companies most used to raise funds to increase working capital. The hiring is super easy and agile, payments are parceled in up to 10 or 12x, depends on the bank.

Receipt with cards

Nearly 90% of stores and retailers work with credit cards to sell their merchandise. The entrepreneur chooses the date of receipts from sales captured with credit from his main accreditors, it can be every day, every week or when he thinks better, with “Receipt with cards” it is possible to advance these receivables for now.


Overdraft is a pre-established credit limit that is available in the checking account for the company to use at any time. This line of business loan provides the need for financial resources for contingencies.   The deadline for payment of fees and charges is once a month, the credit limit is automatically renewed on the due date.

Guaranteed accounts

The guaranteed account is a “loan account” separate from the checking account, it has a revolving credit limit to cover any working capital needs. The loan limit is defined by the financial institution according to the company’s payment capacity and the average terms are formalized in up to 120 contract days.

Check to cash

If your company receives pre-dated checks from your customers you can cash them into cash by simply taking the checks to your bank and opting for pre-dated checking custody services. The check limit per transaction varies from bank to bank and the hiring of the service is on time.

Duplicates discount

Another way to use banks’ services as a business loan by getting the cash values ​​of your duplicates to be due, they may be charging at your bank, the operation is simplified, you can have the data transmitted electronically, or even if you want, personally in the agency.

Immediate Loan

This line of credit is a very short-term “working capital loan”, the interest rate applied in the operation is simple, pre-fixed, payment is made in a single installment. The financial resource (money) is credited at the time of hiring, made up of the amount borrowed plus interest for the period.

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